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I have tried many different recipes for spring rolls but this recipe from my uncle and aunt Hoan from Brisbane, Australia tops them all! No wonder that their business idea was such a success selling their delicious spring rolls to restaurants and snack bars. I am very grateful that they have entrusted their recipe to me giving me the opportunity to offer this delicacy at Phở Bar.
Phở Bar serves the crispy spring rolls with lettuce, mint and fish sauce. The spring roll is wrapped with mint in a lettuce leaf and dipped in the fish sauce. This dish is traditionally eaten by hand.
Once we left home as young adults, we hardly ever cooked Vietnamese food. However, my father and my eldest sister, Hanh, always cooked Vietnamese food and whenever we visited them we could choose our favourite dishes. I cannot remember any occasion when we didn’t pick Phở Bò. Phở Bò was and still is our favourite dish.
Phở is one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. The soup is tasty, light, but also filling and together with the fresh herbs and vegetables it makes a healthy meal.
The great thing about Phở, as with other Vietnamese soups, is that it can be modified to suit one’s own taste; milder or spicier, saltier, with or without lime juice, with lots of fresh herbs and less bean sprouts. The variations are countless.
I remember very well how surprised I was as a teenager the first time I saw my German friend eating an avocado with salt and pepper. Her reaction was the same when I told her that at home we eat the fruit with sugar. That was a real gastronomic clash of cultures!
With our delicious avocado ice cream we would like to reveal the "sweet" side of the fruit and offer ice cream lovers a new and exceptional flavour.
by Hai Nguyen